Learning to Love the Chaos of Collaborative Production
by Tsvetan
Jun 29
GEO Podcast #3
by Grassroots Economic Organizing
Jun 27
Rebuilding the Agricultural Sector in the Wake of Disaster
by Development and Peace
Jun 24
Thessaloniki Hosts 2nd Euromediterranean "Workers' Economy" Meeting
Jun 22
Amsterdam's Sharing Economy Action Plan
by Maira Sutton
Jun 20

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Being Part of a Digital Cooperative
Learning to Love the Chaos of Collaborative Production
June 29
Putting the Soul Back in the Motor City
GEO Podcast #3
Grassroots Economic Organizing
June 27
Haiti's Social and Solidarity Economy
Rebuilding the Agricultural Sector in the Wake of Disaster
Development and Peace
June 24
Paving the Way to a Just Economy
Thessaloniki Hosts 2nd Euromediterranean "Workers' Economy" Meeting
June 22
The Good, the Bad, and the Unaddressed
Amsterdam's Sharing Economy Action Plan
Maira Sutton
June 20
The Small Wind Co-op
A Renewable Electricity Cooperative in Scotland and Wales
June 17
Choosing a Structure for Your Woker Co-op
LLC or Cooperative Corporation?
Sara Stephens
June 13
The Theory and Practice of Sociocracy
A Modified Consensus Model for Collective Decision-Making
Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, EcoJaunt
June 10
At the Nexus of Gentrification and Environmentalism
How Groundwork Anacostia River DC is Shaping Their Own Future
Pamela Boyce Simms
June 8
Immigrant Moms Start a Tamale Co-op
Travis Putnam Hill
June 6
Next System Panel: Worker Co-ops
Alison Booth Gribas, Melissa Young, Tim Palmer & Deric Gruen
Todd Boyle
June 3
3 Steps to Bootstrapping a Bossless Organization
Making Cooperation Work With People, Purpose, and Rhythm
Richard D. Bartlett
June 1
Other Avenues Worker Cooperative
Feeding the Neighborhood, Serving the Community
Tsogo Namsrai, Chris Julian
May 27
Building a Digital Bridge for Blind Computer Users
GEO Podcast #2 - Interview with Lucy Greco on the coopertive effort to create free accessibility software
GEO Collective
May 25
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Jun 30 The International Day of Cooperatives is the perfect time to celebrate the power of pulling together in the face of adversity. Working together can...
Jun 29 Attention Sandoval Co. residents! #Caregiver #Cooperative Business Opening Soon! In search of interested caregivers! pic.twitter.com/mhCaorrYuo— NM...
Jun 29 Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk has been a deprived neighbourhood that is struggling with a bad reputation for a long time. Since 2013, the...
Jun 28 Last month Shareable wrote a great article entitled “11 Platform Cooperatives Creating a Real Sharing Economy“. It’s a really nice list of projects...
Jun 27 As a journalist I naturally want to see a thriving press. As someone with a strong interest in the co-operative sector, I want to see Co-operative...
Jun 27 A global economist has called for taxi drivers to unite against Uber and form a workers’ collective.Ann Pettifor, analyst of the global financial...
Jun 24 Building a cooperative city from CEANYC on Vimeo. Go to the GEO front page
Jun 24 "Some of the notable food co-ops we’ve provided banking services to since 1980 include Wheatsville Food Co-op in Austin, TX, which is still a...
Jun 23 The New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives, in collaboration with CUNY Law School and the CUNY University Student Senate, invites worker-...
Jun 23 First Milk is to hold a Special General Meeting on 1 July asking members to approve a set of rules creating a new class of share, as part of a drive...