[M]any Americans—particularly those in once decaying inner city neighborhoods—are turning to the model of co-operative businesses, which emphasize joint ownership by workers and democratic management.

Welcome to SoLT, the Sociocracy Leadership Training, which gives you an unprecedented opportunity of joining a sociocratic organization to learn sociocracy immersion style. Watch the video to learn the details, and check out the SoLT website to see when the next cycle begins.


This comes from family. It is what you’re supposed to do. My grandparents all did community-based work. They were advocates for racial justice. They were union stewards. Everybody did their part. My family ran away from slavery and founded their own towns, farms, and communities. So it has always been instilled, ever since I started going to meetings as a movement kid.


Today we explore working alternatives to the capitalist system with people who are running these initiatives. They will present in the MANs (Mutual Aid Networks)-UP conference, to be held in Madison starting next Friday, August 26.

Dozens of local organizations, small businesses, community leaders, and working class residents of Boston are collaborating to create a democratic community development ecosystem and local economy. The organizers envision the Boston Ujima Project will be a multistakeholder network that will invest in local initiatives, create jobs and distribute wealth for communities of color.

SolidFund is a grassroots commonwealth fund for worker co-op members. John Atherton talks about their aspirations and operations, and how using Loomio is helping them build the worker cooperative econoomy in the UK.


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