The International Day of Cooperatives is the perfect time to celebrate the power of pulling together in the face of adversity. Working together can create social capital that enables individuals to achieve goals that they may not be able to achieve alone.

Last month Shareable wrote a great article entitled “11 Platform Cooperatives Creating a Real Sharing Economy“. It’s a really nice list of projects who are all moving in the right direction (i.e.

As a journalist I naturally want to see a thriving press. As someone with a strong interest in the co-operative sector, I want to see Co-operative News do well. It has after all been serving the movement since September 2nd 1871.

"Some of the notable food co-ops we’ve provided banking services to since 1980 include Wheatsville Food Co-op in Austin, TX, which is still a current customer, and we’ve provided financing to Greenbelt Co-op in Maryland.

First Milk is to hold a Special General Meeting on 1 July asking members to approve a set of rules creating a new class of share, as part of a drive to improve the organisation’s financial stability.


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