The Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City is looking for a part-time temporary Event and Communications Manager to join us this spring!  The manager will work remotely 10 hours each week from February 22 through May 1, with flexibility around start and end dates, and will meet with leaders and volunteers as needed each week in downtown/Park Slope Brooklyn.

In October 2013, BCRW and The Engaging Tradition Project at The Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School co-convened a conference called Queer Dreams and Non-Profit blues to examine the critiques emerging from queer and feminist activists and scholars about the impact of funding on social movement agendas and formations.

Please join NYC NOWC in welcoming aboard four new board members: Sheila Akbar (Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local), Maria del Carmen Fernandez (Sí Se Puede), Deborah O'Bryant (Cooperative Home Care Associates), and Gail Small (Build with Prospect). Many thanks to the worker cooperative members and new support organization members that participated in the election!

Guess what: there is a third way that businesses are owned. You know the first two - private ownership and public ownership (via the stock markets). But then there is a third way: worker-owned businesses and, said some academics, their numbers are rising.

Silicon Valley has one of the highest concentrations of wealth in the world, and tech companies are reaping massive profits. Most of this tsunami of wealth gets passed onto the tech world’s CEOs, top programmers, and shareholders. But guess who doesn’t get a cut of that enormous pie?

A thousand Co-operative Group distribution drivers are in talks to take strike action following an announcement that some drivers will be transferred to Eddie Stobart.

In New York, a new mobile app could revolutionise business growth for worker co-ops in low-income industries.


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