Lead a march of thousands of people. Write a protest song that goes viral. Fight for what you believe in. Rise Up is a cooperative board game about building people power and taking on oppressive systems to create change. It’s ethically manufactured and made by the creators of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives.

The Midcounties Co-operative is examining whether 200 workers have been paid below minimum wage. The co-op is asking former employees – who delivered papers and magazines – to come forward because they may have been underpaid.

John McNamara is impressed with the power of cooperation. As a Cooperative Development Specialist for the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, (NWCDC), he helps northwest businesses learn about that power.

A Room of One’s Own bookstore is considering transitioning their store into a co-op.

At a meeting Tuesday night, co-owner Sandi Torkildson and University of Wisconsin Cooperative Development Specialist, Courtney Berner discussed what transitioning into a co-op would mean for the bookstore and opened up discussion for people from the community.


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