UK Worker Co-ops: 2015 Review

The British employee-owned sector is now worth £30bn annually, with the number of businesses increasing by almost 10% per year. Britain’s top 50 employee-owned firms are worth £21.5bn. Figures released for Employee Ownership Day, on July 3, showed the sector grew 4.6% year-on-year, while last year the UK economy grew by 2.8%.

The combined workforce of the top 50 businesses tops 164,000 – an increase of 4.3%. Five of the UK’s 100 largest private companies are employee-owned. One in seven people in those top 100 companies is an employee owner....

But it was not all good news. May saw the demise of both paper manufacturer Tullis Russell and printing firm Watford Printers, both of which had to contend with difficult trading conditions.

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