PACA's Co-op PSA Project

One of PACA’s goals is increasing public awareness about cooperatives—both about existing co-ops in the Philadelphia area and are open to new membership and also how co-ops work and why they are important.

Public service announcements, or PSAs for short, are one medium through which to do this and there is a long history of organizations using PSAs to get the word out about social issues. PSAs are a way of communicating with a wide range of people about an important issue, often with the aim of encouraging public involvement or action.

Over the summer, one of our Philly Co-op Interns, Mowie Freeman, has recorded two PSAs—one 30 seconds long and one 50 seconds long. The focus of these PSAs is to inform listeners of the diversity of existing cooperatives in Philly, including food co-ops, housing co-ops, credit unions, and more. The PSA also encourages people to start or join a co-op so that they, too, can co-own and make decisions about the enterprises where they work, shop and live.

After contacting local radio stations, we have learned that our PSAs will be featured in the coming months on at least two local stations: KYW/CBS Philly and WPEB. We are still in conversation with other stations about broadcasting our PSAs and are hopeful that additional airing will follow.

Below are the scripts and .mp3s  for both PSAs. Check them out and then keep your ears open on the radio for upcoming PACA announcements!


Listen to the PSAs on PACA's website


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