Goodbye Toxic Soil Busters, Hello Co-op Connections

After 11 years, Toxic Soil Busters is saying goodbye and making room for new and exciting youth-led Worcester Roots projects. Thanks to the work of 61 teenagers and 14 adults, we tested 272 yards (that’s over 1000 bags of soil!) and remediated 54 yards and gardens. Lead poisonings went from as many as 16 children per year to a statistical zero, thanks to TSB and dozens of partners in the Green and Healthy Homes Coalition and the $7+ million in lead abatement and outreach funds we helped leverage.

This summer the youth section of Worcester Roots decided to move things in a different direction. Co-Op Connections is a youth run cooperative retail store providing Massachusetts based co-op products and services (think t-shirts, coffee, pickles, music videos, pedicab rides and more).

With that, comes the end of Toxic Soil Busters. While endings are sad, they are also important, be it for reflection or to redirect energy into the future.

Watch a short interview with a former member of TSB here

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