Four ways that being a Worker-Owned Cooperative makes your Company Best for the World

PV Squared, a Best for Workers B Corp, is an accredited solar energy design and installation company based in Greenfield, Massachusetts. PV Squared was founded in 2002 with a very particular mission—to create living wage careers as part of a business that would be committed to the local community. After a major manufacturing facility in the area had moved overseas, leaving many jobless. Since the goal was to create a company that served their community, PV Squared was founded as a worker coop.

Worker owned coops are, as you may have guessed, owned by their workers. PV Squared is entirely owned and directed by its employees, who also have a share of the profits. As a coop, PV Squared is driven by a mission to improve the lives of their workers, their community and the environment. We spoke to Andy Toomajian about how PV Squared’s democratic workplace has helped make his company Best for the World. He picked out four key benefits.

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