"Cooperatives Commit" is 2017 Co-op Month Theme

Cooperatives Commit” is the theme for National Cooperative Month in October, which cooperatives are urged to include in their communications and outreach activities. The theme can be used on its own, or extended with sub-themes, such as: Cooperatives Commit to Members; Cooperatives Commit to Communities; Cooperatives Commit to Jobs; Cooperatives Commit to Powering Rural America; or Cooperatives Commit to Agriculture.   

“Cooperatives commit in countless ways to meeting the needs of their members and communities, so this theme can be customized to best reflect the mission and services provided by your co-op,” said Sara Schoenborn, co-chair of the National Co-op Month Planning Committee and Director of Communications for Cooperative Network. “We hope every co-op will plan some type of communications effort to help spread the word in October about why cooperatives are so important to your community, region and to the nation,” Schoenborn added.

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