Grace Lee Boggs Message to the Occupy Movement

Grace Lee Boggs Message to the Occupy Movement

Yes! Magazine Video Feature

17 December 2011

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Grace Boggs: Reviving the Lost City
A decades-long revolution to rekindle the soul of urban neighborhoods.
by Larry Gabriel
Dec 07, 2011

"Unless we make a distinction between jobs and work we are going to be like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, appendages to a machine," Boggs says. "How do we do the kind of daily activity that grows our souls so that we don't have to make up for the indignities of our labor? Jobs are not the answer; jobs are the problem. Now we've reached a stage where creating things can be done by robots. So what we have to do is create ourselves. That's what The Next American Revolution is all about, creating better selves." 

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