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 Below are three significant commentaries on #OWS. The first is a relatively short Salon interview with an editor of Adbuster that covers the origins of the event, the open-endedness of it some philosophy behind it, the fluid situation around the "demands" business, the possibility of new models emerging from the experience.

The second is an interview with David Graeber, a radical anthropologist and one of the inititial organizers of #OWC, who "thinks the people asking for a list of demands are missing the point of the movement quite dramatically."

The third piece is from a few days ago. It is a savvy look at the event from several movement perspectives. It also includes a short list of the "wide array of networked support that is being marshaled via Internet Relay Chat, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, livestreaming, online video and street theatre."


The origins of Occupy Wall Street explained
Salon talks to the editor of Adbusters about the practical and philosophical roots of the movement


?You're creating a vision of the sort of society you want to have in miniature.'
Posted by Ezra Klein


#OccupyWallStreet: There's Something Happening Here, Mr. Jones
Micah L. Sifry



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