Vermont Co-op Summit Resources

Erbin Crowell of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) reports briefly on the second Vermont Co-op Summit that was held last week in Burlington, VT, and gives links to the workshop presentations now available in pdf format on the website.  He did one presentation and joined Don Jamison of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center in a second.

Some of the presentations that are available on the site include:

* Paul Hazen - "Co-ops - The Big Picture"
* Don Kreis - "The Secret Legal Life of Co-Ops"
* Erbin Crowell - "Co-Operative Collaboration For A Thriving Regional Economy"
* Sonja Novkovic - "Mastering Co-Operative Management"
* Lynda Brushett - "Financing Options For Co-Operatives. Where Do Co-Ops Get Access To Money To Start, Operate And Grow Their Businesses?"
* Don Jamison & Erbin Crowell - "Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives"