The exciting Association of Cooperative Educators conference in Cleveland July 27-30!

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The Association of Cooperative Educators has put together a great conference this year. I am thrilled that through the Ralph K. Morris Foundation that I am able to go for the very first time. Representatives from MONDRAGON, the world's largest and most successful worker cooperative (and other cooperatives that evolved from it) and David Korten, author of Agenda for a New Economy: Why Wall Street Can't Be Fixed and How to Replace It ( and the Steelworkers union will be presenting. And of course there's the tour of the Evergreen Cooperative, a new cooperative ventures that promises to be the U.S. largest cooperative venture.

I hope to use what I learn in my work from the conference with the Democracy at Work Network's Technical Assistance program, Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, USFWC Inclusion Circle, my housing co-op Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Co-op, poor communities when I get Beautiful World Cooperative & Business Services fully organized and off the ground, others in my general travels, and of course GEO. I plan to blog from the conference and hopefully my observations and insights would be helpful others and help spark ideas and solutions so that we can help change the world into kind of place we all wish for deep within our hearts.

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