If you have been involved in the communities movement for a while, you’ve probably heard of local currencies and you might even talk positively about how they help support local businesses and local trade. However, when it comes to providing specific benefits to local businesses that can actually be measured, you probably don’t have much tangible proof to back up these claims.

Hundreds gathered in front of the Nissan plant in Canton Friday afternoon, rallying for worker's rights.  Students, Nissan employees and representatives with United Auto Workers held a protest over what they say is the company's anti-Union stance.  

What will it take to transition to local economies that are truly just, resilient, and regenerative?

Peter MacFadyen is a founder of Sustainable Frome (a Transition initiative) and Director of Frome's new Renewable Energy Co-op.

[Editor's note: even otherwise unexceptional capitalist firms are seeing the advantages of cooperative structures and systems.]

How to design a healthy business: The use of the Viable System Model in the diagnosis and design of organisational structures in co-operatives and other social economy enterprises
A manual for the diagnosis and design of organisational structures to enable social economy enterprises and function with increased efficiency without compromising democratic principles


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