ADWC 3 Conference

The purpose of this one-day conference is to explore ways to build local alternative economies that will help to solve economic and social problems in our communities.  We are reaching out to leaders of these diverse political economic initiatives across the country as well as leaders from social justice and civic engagement movements who are and who want to be supportive allies in regional economic development.  It is what GEO is calling Movements Moving Together.

The focus of the conference will be on:

  1. Exploring the challenges and opportunities organizers and developers are dealing with in their regions,
  2. Identifying the resources they need and how the resources might be acquired, and
  3. How we can work together cross-regionally over the coming years and decades

In addition to worker co-operatives and other co-operatives a diversity of kindred approaches to alternative economics has been evolving over the past few years in the US.  Many of these approaches are deeply oriented to bottom-up development, where democracy and cooperation can be more deeply rooted locally.

The specific topics of the discussions will be developed through consultations with potential participants over several months leading up to the conference. This will happen through exchanges in the Google Group.

The process will involve two facilitators for each discussion. As we did in ADWC 1 in Baltimore in 2011, 25-30 participants will sit in a circle for face-to-face interaction around the topic at hand. Another 30 or more observers will encircle this group during each of the three discussions. The specifics on how this will be arranged will be worked out through our online collaboration via the ADWC 3 Google Group. However, the total number who can attend will be limited to 60-70.

Interaction among these two groups will occur during breaks and at lunch during the conference, as well as during the ECWD conference (Friday night through Sunday) for those attending both conferences.

Again, if you are interested in being involved or just keeping informed on how things evolve, join the ADWC 3 Google Group by sending an email to one of the conference organizers:

Ajowa Ifateyo,

Michael Johnson,

Friday, July 10, 2015 - 9:00am to 6:00pm