This is what authentic fair trade looks like

We are visiting Tierra Nueva to learn why it is so important that small-scale farmers organize themselves so they can farm organically, stay on their land and feed their families.

Tired of going through middle men to sell their coffee that set the prices below cost of production and with the understanding of the importance of organic farming, in 1997 a coop was formed with 23 farmers. In 2000, they received their organic and Fair Trade certification (Fairtrade International – FLO-cert). The co-op quickly grew to 600 members and in 2004 smaller co-ops were formed. Today, Tierra Nueva is made up of 7 smaller co-ops; 6 organic coffee coops and 1 honey co-op with a total of 604 individual members throughout Nicaragua. Tierra Nueva is an umbrella co-op or secondary co-op that the members call the union, which provides services to the coop members. Secondary co-ops play an important role in fair trade and in creating an alternative economic system that puts people before profits. As many secondary coops Tierra Nueva works on policy transformation at the national level on issues ranging from gender equality to organic farming.

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