Solidarity NYC is Seeking Collective Members

We're a collective of organizers, practitioners, media makers, and academics who promote, connect, and support New York City's solidarity economy. Solidarity economy practices utilize values of justice, democracy, cooperation, and mutualism to meet community needs. Our collective renders these practices visible, through mapping and filmmaking, and brings the sectors of the solidarity economy into greater cooperation with each other for enhanced economic and political power through education, organizing, and research.

Our vision is a vibrant and growing movement to provide greater economic security, improved health, and increased democracy for our communities. Come and help us make it so!

We're looking for new collective members to join our community. Specifically we're seeking people with an interest in our mission, familiarity with collective process, regular access to Internet and a computer, comfort with online tools (email, Google docs), interest on working on two or more projects (see full list below), and willing to commit about 5 hours a week on average to this work. We are all volunteers.

Current projects include:

  • Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City: We're incubating a coalition to support solidarity economy development in NYC.
  • Mapping: An online interactive map of NYC's solidarity economy organizations at
  • Films: Short films to put a human face on solidarity economics in collaboration with Meerkat Media and Analect Films. Check them out at
  • NYC Worker Cooperative Coalition: We're active members of a group that successfully lobbied the City Council to support worker co-ops.
  • History of the Solidarity Economy in NYC: A research collaboration with Brooklyn College investigating the history of how new yorkers have helped each other to get their needs met cooperatively
  • Everyday Solidarity for Everyday Sexism: Monthly support meetings for women and gender non-conforming people active in the solidarity economy to address their experiences with oppression.
  • SolidarityCities: A series of trips exploring the solidarity economies and networking and building power with those organizing them in various other cities (so far: Philadelphia, Montreal, and Ithaca)
  • Deep Listening and Movement Building: A community research project that seeks to gauge the state of the movement and identify areas for growth and collaboration through interviews, convenings, and reports.
  • Solidarity Spring Break: A week-long retreat for young organizers and solidarity economy practitioners to learn from each other, and engage with the solidarity economy context in NYC more deeply

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