People's Community Market Secures Location in West Oakland

We have secured a location on San Pablo Avenue in West Oakland for our full-service food market and social hall. This is a major milestone and a significant accomplishment in the overpriced and competitive real estate market of the Bay Area. It took our team – which included community development experts, real estate brokers, attorneys, and financial advisors – two years to secure a site, with the last six months involving significant negotiations, due diligence and site assessment on the two sites that we’ve secured.

This was a fairly complex real estate deal involving five different parties. Many issues had to be resolved in order to satisfy the interests of all of the parties involved and to make it a feasible deal for our business. The complexity of this deal demonstrates just how challenging it can be to open a grocery store in an under-served urban neighborhood and how the complexities and costs of real estate can be a major barrier to ensuring that all communities have access to good food. It also demonstrates the creativity, tenacity and partnerships that it takes to overcome these challenges and complexities.

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