NorthEast Investment Cooperative

The Northeast Investment Cooperative (NEIC) is a cooperative that allows residents of Minnesota to invest financially to collectively buy, rehab, and manage commercial and residential property in Northeast Minneapolis. 

We believe that by investing patient capital, actively recruiting local businesses to occupy our property, and supporting those businesses as they grow and thrive, we can bring transformative change to Northeast Minneapolis, one building at a time.

Our members share a desire to address pockets of disinvestment and vacancy in our community, and recognize that by pulling together and sharing risk we can do together what none of us could do alone.

NEIC is excited to announce that it was able to issue a 4.17% capital credit account allocation on A-shares and 2% and 4% dividends on C/D shares for the 2015 fiscal year.  This was a major accomplishment showing that the model of cooperative development not only can transform communities but yield a return for it's members.

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