New Campaign to Establish Agricultural Cooperatives in Rojava

The Economic Council and Kongreya Star‘s (Women's Confederation) Women’s Economy Council in Girkê Legê [Al-Muabbada], have made a campaign to form agricultural cooperatives in preparation for the agricultural season. The campaign is to form 13 agricultural cooperative societies. 

The Economic Council and the Women’s Economy Council in Kongreya Star, in collaboration with the Agriculture and Livestock Centre in Girkê Legê, began to hold a series of meetings for the people of the city of Girkê Legê and the villages and towns belonging to it, in order to form agricultural cooperatives to prepare for the new agricultural season.

So far, three meetings have been held in Girkê Legê, the town of Jel Agha and Alya village. During the meetings, six agricultural cooperative societies were formed.

At the meeting which was held yesterday in the city of Girkê Legê and was attended by many people in the city, TEV DEM [The Movement for A Democratic Society] coordinator Adnan Ibrahim talked about the importance of cooperative societies in promoting and developing the economy and promoting the culture of cooperation at work.

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