Cuba Opens a Wholesale Market for Private Food Service Cooperatives

The Cuban government has opened its first wholesale basic foods market for private cooperatives, but at this time other self-employed workers will not have access, dpa news reported.

Initially, only some food service sector cooperatives, which assumed old state-owned companies changing their management form, but for now, other forms of private work are left out as possible customers.

In the “Mercabal” market, a first group of 35 customers can buy with a 20 percent discount on retail a series of products such as sugar, beans, salt, beer and soft drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs, which are the most demanded in the bars and private cafes.

The opening wholesale markets with the corresponding lower prices for purchasing in bulk is “one of the most repeated demands of those who exercise the new non-state forms of management in the country,” said the official newspaper “Granma”.

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