Capital Homecare Cooperative to Open in 2018

A group of people interested in changing the way homecare works in Thurston County began meeting in 2014. It took a while, but in August of 2016, the group incorporated as Capital Homecare Cooperative. CHC seeks to begin operations by January 2018. CHC is a worker-owned cooperative caregiver agency. The caregivers own the agency and make the decisions on how to provide clients with the care that they want and need. The caregivers, through cooperative ownership, also care for themselves by creating a dignified workplace with living wages.

Capital Homecare Cooperative seeks to create a caregiving agency owned by the caregivers. This will enable the caregivers to create a high level of service for clients while also providing better wages and working conditions for the caregivers.

The cooperative model offers a solution. By owning their agency, caregivers can focus on the needs of their patients while also meeting their financial needs for the other people that they care for: their families. Capital Homecare seeks to be the third caregiver cooperative in the State of Washington. It is following the model of Circle of Life in Bellingham and Peninsula Homecare and Port Townsend. The more caregiver co-ops that get created, the more that they can work together and make the path to starting up easier for other.

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