200,000 students on strike across Quebec

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200,000 students on strike across Quebec

Truthout news service circulated Stefan Christoff's report on the local and global impact of the Quebec students' protest. A firend of mine, Katica Spillane, is a law student in Montreal. I emailed her to find out if this was really happening. Here's her response:

Yep, just got back in from marching :) Things have been heating up since last fall. Almost 200k students have been on strike for 11 weeks. Neither my school nor Audric's school (Primarily English-speaking students, most of whom are either immigrants or come from other provinces) are on strike, but we've been out and marching with people the last couple of nights. On March 22nd there was a protest of over 200,000 people. There's to be another one on the 9th... At this point a good segment of the protesting population seems to want to turn the discussion away from just tuition hikes and more towards general "class struggle". Not sure whether that's productive or not... Always hard to tell, I suppose. It's been inspiring to see the student leaders in action. They're very articulate, very smart and not intimated.

I asked another friend who reads the NYTimes rather exhaustively on a daily basis, if he had seen any articles on this. Nope.




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